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"I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better."  Maya Angelou

In August 2020, The Uncultured Critic blog was relaunched with a new but familiar mission in mind—research and experimentation on everything related to writing. In this revival, I hope to explore ways to improve my writing knowledge and abilities and invite you, dear reader, to join me on this adventure. Each step of the research process, my methods and findings will be notated on this site with the intention to become a one-stop-shop of accumulated information on a variety of writing techniques, styles, forms, lectures, you name it! Currently The Uncultured Critic will feature two categories in this initiative—journeys and methods.


Projects underneath the category “journeys” will cover research-based content specific to a variety of literary and writing inspired topics. Each new topic is considered a “path.” I may look into topics such as first person point of view in writing by looking at journal articles, different writer and artist perspectives, how first person appears in different works, etc. Bit by bit, I’ll share my findings with you, reader. Whether those findings be scholarly or journal articles, blog articles, YouTube videos, panel discussions, author interviews, and more. The end goal of each journey entails crafting an informational and instructional guide on these topics (i.e. an eBook that widely covers the facets of first person writing). You’ll be able to follow each step of the journeys through posts uploaded to The Uncultured Critic blog; or you can wait until projects conclude and the eBook guides are completed to get all information uncovered over the course of the project in one place.

Current Projects

  • Path 1: Voice


Projects underneath the category “methods” will cover trial-based content. Each new project in this category will be labeled as a “report.” “Trial-based content” refers to content where I employ different writing strategies to see what enhances writing abilities and what does not. For example, how will automatic writing each day for one month improve writing? During and following these methodologies, I will report my results to you, dear reader. Not only may trials further prove or debunk tales of traditional (or unconventional) writing strategies but may offer insight and support to other writers looking for tools to experiment and propel their skills.

Current Projects

  • Report 1: Beginning, Middle, End

About the Writer

The Uncultured Critic blog is solely authored by myself, Kay Chambers, a 24-year-old content creator specializing in writing, editing, publication design, and social media management. I love deep dish pizza, social strategy games, K-pop, mystery fiction, psychological thrillers, listening to podcasts, and long talks with family and friends. This personal blog details my path to discovering new possibilities in writing, broadening and honing my skills, and sharing findings with other avid writers and readers. 

Recent Posts

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