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a playlist of my most recent and all time favorites

It's important that we share what we love with others which is why I began the series On Repeat featuring songs whose riffs and tunes I cannot get out of my head. Occasionally I write posts where I discuss some of my On Repeat songs in detail however the tracks I find most addictive will be listed in my On Repeat Spotify playlist. Comment below and tell me who some of your favorite artists are! Some of my favorites include but are not limited to Monsta X, Paramore, Young the Giant, Flyleaf, Lady Gaga, and Seventeen. 


1. Playing God by Paramore 

2. Repeat by Young the Giant

3. Sorrow by Flyleaf

4. Beautiful by Monsta X

5. You and I by Dreamcatcher

6. Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore

7. Glory by Young the Giant

8. Myself by Monsta X

9. Toes by Glass Animals

10. Feel by Triple H


1. Kill You by Hot Place

2. Play It Cool by Monsta X

3. PIRI by Dreamcatcher

4. Kill This Love by BLACKPINK

5. Gogobebe by Mamamoo

6. Bon Bon Chocolat by Everglow

7. Swan by 7SENSES

8. Livin' It Up by Monsta X

9. No by CLC

10. Glory by Young the Giant

Photo courtesy of Youtube user Paramore

Photo courtesy of KIIS FM/iHeartMedia Inc.

Photo courtesy of 88.5 KURE Ames Alternative

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