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On Repeat: Block B's "Shall We Dance"

Members: (left to right) Taeil, B-Bomb, P.O., Park Kyung, Jaehyo, U-Kwon, and Zico



One song that has been on repeat in my Spotify playlist for the last month has been Block B's Shall We Dance.

The song is part of their sixth mini album entitled Montage and was released in early November . A mixture of Latin and house elements create a product vowed to make you groove in your chair, driver's seat, or two feet.

What's been drawing me in for repeated listens are the different ranges vocally hit in the song. The vocal parts in the pre-chorus are set in falsetto with vocalists like B-Bomb, Jaehyo, Taeil, and U-Kwon carrying the lines. However, when the song slides closer to the chorus, P.O. appears on the track with his signature deep voice more along the lines of baritone or tenor.

These vastly different sections of the song gives the listener something different to hear at each interval so the song never feels excessively repetitive.

And the singular notes that are plucked in the electric guitar riff underneath and in combination to Park Kyung's rap verse is golden. The flow of his words are perfectly aligned with the background music's rhythm. Then right before the dance break Taeil and P.O. rock their solo parts with their polarizing voices. Taeil has soulful and smooth vocals that's completely opposite to P.O.'s pleasantly, scratchy voice that gives off rock and metal tones.

All I can say is that every vocalists and rapper rocked their designated lines and I loved the way the song lyrics played on the concept of a dance count (5, 6, 7, 8).

There's even a dance break in the music video that possess my body to move. Before I even know what's happening, my shoulders are shimmying. Upon showing this dance break to my sister something amazing happened.

She paused the video. Normally when I show her anything related to K-pop her disinterest is apparent but she couldn't help but notice the dancing in the video, most importantly one move called the Milly Rock. She had to rewind the video so she and I could once again view how sharp the groups hit the Milly Rock. I felt so proud of them for rousing my sister's interest.

Final Thoughts

Since November I've watched the music video countless time and listen to this song before a long shift at work and on the ride home from work. The song helps to keep up energy and the interesting mixture of instruments or synths made for an eclectic experience for the ears.

Give this song a listen and you'll end up in a similar situation where the beat draws movement from you--almost against your will.

Another reason why I've been on a Block B high lies in their crazy music videos. Their other songs have music videos on the level of wild and creatively crazy that I've ever only prescribed to Lady Gaga. The music video for their song Very Good is a great example of this.

If you are familiar with Block B's music or just discovering them, what are some of your favorite songs or music videos from the group?

Once again, thank you for reading and take care dear readers.


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